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5 Reasons to Add a Rolling Door to Your Restaurant

Close Up Shot Of Rolling Door
Garage doors are traditionally reserved for use in residential homes or industrial buildings. However, you might be surprised to find out how one kind of door can make an impact at your restaurant.
Overhead rolling doors function similar to a garage door and come in a variety of styles and materials. Consider the following five appealing reasons to add a rolling door to your restaurant.

1. Boost Restaurant Security

Break-ins and robberies are crimes that threaten businesses like restaurants for several reasons:
  • Prominent public locations make them relatively easy to access.
  • Early morning and late night business hours mean fewer employees.
  • Propensity to accept and keep large amounts of cash.
You can improve your existing business security plan when you make it harder for thieves to break into your establishment. One way to fortify your storefront is to add one or more solid metal rolling doors. The addition of a roll-down wall of steel adds extra protection, especially for restaurants with expansive glass windows and doors prone to break-ins.

2. Accommodate Larger Deliveries

If your restaurant regularly receives supplies, goods, and services at your back door, you may experience bottlenecks at that one single pedestrian rear door. High traffic can slow down deliveries or cause confusion.
When you want to enlarge your receiving space at your back entrance, a rolling door turns one small doorway into a true delivery area. This new larger doorway can accept multiple people with handcarts, crates, and other equipment necessary for your restaurant.

3. Provide an Entrance to Outdoor Dining

Can your business benefit from increased patronage, but you simply lack greater table space? If adjoining space exists outside but you don't have access, a rolling door might be the answer to how you can increase your restaurant seating capacity. Once installed, a rolling door can become your new entry into an outdoor eating area.
A rolling door is wide enough to accommodate large groups of patrons and multiple food servers with trays. Also, a rolling door is quick and easy to open and close if the weather becomes chilly or rainy or if a large group arrives.

4. Open Up New Vistas

Diners generally prefer to enjoy their food in front of a view.  If you can't provide outdoor seating beneath trees and a blue sky, you can still open up a vista for your guests. A dramatic way to provide relaxation and interest is to open an entire wall of your restaurant.
Rolling doors provide the framework for your open wall concept and unobstructed views. Your restaurant can experience increased sales as guests return simply because every table is a great table. Even better, you can open and close the rolling doors securely once business is over for the day.

5. Create a New Dining Atmosphere

Sometimes your restaurant needs to undergo a change of atmosphere. Dining trends change and one way to keep up is to refurbish your interior. As part of your renovation, consider an industrial look for your dining space. Polished concrete floors, exposed pipes and overhead exhaust, and metal artwork are simple elements that lend an industrial feel to a space.
Additionally, rolling metal doors in one wall deliberately enhance a guest's industrial dining experience. Shiny metal is a main component of this design style, and rolling doors score big points.
Rolling doors provide quiet, secure open and close functions perfect for dining establishments. When you choose rolling doors for your restaurant you can receive regular maintenance service to keep your doors operating smoothly.
Visit our showroom at Door-Mart Garage Doors and see how a trouble-free rolling door can enhance your restaurant.