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7 Essential Garage Door Cleaning Tips

Cars kicking up dust, traffic driving by, leaves falling and other types of activity can make your garage doors fairly dirty. To keep your doors looking nice and functioning well, you may want to clean them. Ideally, you should clean your garage doors at least twice a year or more often as needed. Here are some cleaning tips to help.

1. Remove Debris

Start by removing debris like dead leaves and cobwebs from your garage door. A broom works perfectly for this task. For small crevices, you may want to use a feather duster.

2. Use Gentle Soap and Water for the Door

When cleaning both the inside and the outside of your garage door, just use a gentle soap and water. You can use car soap, a low phosphate detergent or dishwashing liquid. If you opt for the latter, only use a few drops or the bubbles can get overwhelming.
Don't use harsh cleaners because they can damage the paint on your garage door. Also, stay away from pressure washers. They can also cause damage to your door. Just gently clean the door with a soft rag and your cleaning solution.

3. Clean Windows With Ammonia

You may want to clean your garage door windows with your cleaning solution. That helps remove any grease or dirt that has built up on them. Then, you will want to follow up with a glass cleaner to really make the glass shine.
Ammonia is an incredibly effective substitute for glass cleaner. It helps eliminate streaks, and it's usually less expensive than most window cleaners.

4. Consider Bleach to Remove Mildew

If there is mold or mildew on your garage door, you will need to use a bit of bleach to get rid of it. Pour about a quarter cup of bleach in a spray bottle and top up the rest of the bottle with water. Then, spray the affected area and scrub until the mildew is gone.
Rinse the area thoroughly when you are finished. You may want to test this solution on a small corner of your garage door to test for colorfastness before you get started.

5. Wipe Tracks With a Rag

Once the door itself is clean, you may want to clean the tracks. Just wrap a rag around your finger and run it through the tracks. That will remove leaves or other debris. Additionally, built up grime in the tracks can make it hard for your door to open and close.     
When you are done cleaning the tracks, don't add oil. In most cases, garage door tracks do not need oil. However, you may want to apply lubricant to metal but not vinyl rollers.

6. Clean Sensors

If you have an automatic door, there will be a set of sensors near the bottom of each side of the door. You can gently clean these sensors with a rag and a bit of gentle cleaner. Be careful, if you accidentally knock the sensors out of alignment, your door may not work as it should.

7. Inspect Springs and Hardware for Issues

While you're cleaning your garage door, be on the lookout for any issues. If you see loose springs, bent tracks, missing rollers or other issues, those are all signs that you need a repair. In most cases, it helps to notice issues as soon as possible. That way, you can get the issue repaired before it gets worse.
If you notice that anything is wrong with your garage door or if you just want a preemptive safety check to ensure everything is working perfectly, contact Door-Mart Garage Doors today. We offer repairs, replacement parts and safety inspections.