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Fixing a Broken Garage Door: What Needs to Happen?

Your garage door isn't something that you think about a lot. At least, you probably don’t think about your garage door until you press the button on your remote and nothing happens. Or until you hear a squeak, a crackle and then a snap. At that point, you're very aware of your garage door. And you're wondering what is wrong with it.
It's clear that there's a problem. But, without professional help, you're not sure what. Your garage door needs a repair, and quickly. When the door doesn’t work properly, you run the risk of causing your home, and yourself, damage.
What should you do if your garage door is broken? Take a look at the steps that can help you to make sure that your door gets the repair it needs.

Sights and Sounds

There isn't just one way that a garage door breaks. From the springs and cables to the electrical mechanism, many different parts could have some sort of issue.
However, you can narrow down the options. You know the door isn't working, and something happened to alert you to this. Think about what happened first. Did the garage door not respond when you pressed the opener? Can you see a cable hanging oddly in the center of the garage? Or maybe you hear a loud, unfamiliar noise.
Taking note of what looks or sounds wrong can help you to better explain the problem to the repair technician. If you can provide specific information, you’ll give the professional a heads-up before they get to your house. Observing the problem can also give you an idea whether it is serious or fairly minor.

Safety Issues

Never attempt to repair the garage door's mechanism or any of the electrical parts yourself. A heavy garage door could easily fall on you (or someone else). Cables can snap, and springs can fly off. You could get an unexpected shock from the electrical system.
Instead of trying a DIY fix when you have a major problem or when you just don't know what's wrong, leave the repair to the professionals. Stay away from the door and avoid using it until the expert comes to evaluate the issue and fix what's wrong.

Easy Fixes

There are some issues that are easy to fix. These are everyday problems that require almost no technical knowledge. For example, say you press the garage door opener and nothing happens. You recall that the opener hasn't been working well lately. Before you do anything else, you can replace the batteries and try the opener again. If it works perfectly, you’ll have solved the problem.
Another issue that often affects garage doors has to do with the photo eye or safety sensor. This sensor stops the door from closing on anything or anyone that might move under it as it's in motion. You probably don't notice this eye or sensor during regular use. But if something blocks it, the door may refuse to close.
If you use your garage for storage or have the trash cans inside of it, you run the risk of getting in the eye's way. Blocking the sensor with boxes, cans or anything else will cause it to stop the door from closing. Clean out your garage (near the sensor) and try closing the door from the outside.
Along with these issues, make sure that there's electricity flowing to your opener. This doesn't mean that you should in any way try to fix the electrical wiring. Again, leave that kind of work to the pros. Even though you shouldn't touch the wiring itself, you can make sure that the opener is plugged in. Someone may have unplugged your system, making it impossible for your opener to work.

Major Problems

What happens if you know that the garage door opener battery or the sensors aren't the problem? This may indicate that you have a more serious issue. Call a garage door technician in to diagnose and correct the issue. They have the training, experience and the equipment needed to make a proper repair.
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