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Learn How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage

Bugs and rodents inside a garage are never fun. But did you know that they are preventable? Sure, a garage doesn't have quite the same bug-insulating qualities as the rest of your house, but it doesn't mean you have to deal with an infestation either. Learn what you and your garage door technician can do to keep pests out.  
Adjust Waste Collection Habits
A rodent or insect is attracted to an area for one of two reasons — food or shelter. You might be providing a buffet for these pests without thinking about it. In California, coyotes will sometimes target trash bins and create a real mess, which prompts homeowners to bring their waste bins inside.
While large animals like coyotes might not be able to get inside, the smaller pests can, and they will. Immediately move your waste bin outside of your garage. Make it a point to keep all trash contained in the can and secure the lid with a bungee cord; these habits should deter any coyotes from getting into your garbage. 
Check the Garage Door
When your garage door is in the closed position, it should be closed all the way. If the base of your garage door has a small opening, you have a problem. Mice and insects only need a small area to gain access inside, and the room underneath the garage door might be enough.
In many instances, the solution to this problem is simple, as the weather stripping at the base of a garage door starts to chip away over time. You may be able to resolve the problem with a replacement strip. However, this issue could also indicate an alignment problem with the track.
A bend at the base of one side of the door's track could prevent the door from closing entirely. If you've recently noticed a rubbing noise when closing the door, this could be the problem. You need to have a door specialist repair the track for you.
To a small rodent trying to escape larger predators, clutter is a haven for safety. The piles of junk you haven't gone through, the partly ripped boxes stacked in the corner, and everything else doesn't just take up space — it provides a place for these pests to hide.
The more clutter you have, the higher the chance that you could have multiple pests in your garage. Clutter could also increase the risk of track damage, which prevents the door from closing all the way.
Door tracks are long-lasting and strong, but several large boxes pressing up against the track could cause it to bend, and even a small imperfection in the track could create a problem. Decluttering helps clear pests and protect your garage door system. 
All your efforts to remove the bugs and rodents in the garage will offer little improvement if you don't take steps to remove the pests that are currently inside first. If you seal your garage, keep in mind that you're also sealing the insects inside; the same is true if you use a spray or DIY application to keep bugs out.
If you're having problems with mice or rats, have a pest control specialist remove them first. These creatures eat away at wood, electrical wiring, and rubber, including the weather stripping at the bottom of the door.  
Use these tips to create a pest-free garage space. If you suspect an issue with your garage door is the culprit for your rodent or bug concerns, at Door-Mart Garage Doors, we can help you. One of our technicians is more than happy to come out and inspect your door to aid you in resolving the issue.