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Professional Maintenance for Residential & Commercial Garage Doors

Door-Mart™ Garage Doors offers residential and commercial garage door maintenance to anyone in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Northern California and surrounding cities.
A garage door may appear to be an uncomplicated item, but actually, it is a complex, dangerous apparatus. When coupled with an automatic electric garage door opener, it is even more complex and dangerous. Usually the largest moving device in a home, business or warehouse, garage doors and automatic openers can suffer from a myriad of issues and problems.
Due to their sheer size, garage doors are prone to fall out of adjustment with daily use. Because of this, the door becomes more difficult to lift and lower. Components can loosen, come out of alignment, freeze, wear out or fail. For instance, a track system that becomes misaligned can cause roller failure or cause a garage door to come off track or derail completely. This can be a very dangerous situation, aside from being a major inconvenience.
A door that seems unusually heavy to lift may have a problem with spring tension or torsion. Garage door springs are under extreme tension because of the loads they must lift, and this makes them dangerous to adjust. If you suspect that your springs are out of adjustment, do not attempt to work on them yourself. This is a job left up to a professional. Do not attempt to work on garage door springs – they cause numerous serious injuries every year!
Our yearly maintenance program includes a comprehensive component “check and adjust,” complete garage door system lubrication (including tracks, springs, drums, cables, rollers and bearings) and a 21-point safety inspection.
Preventative maintenance is a wise investment to avoid dangerous and inconvenient situations in the future. All moving components need maintenance to continue to operate efficiently and safely.
If you would like a professional technician to service your garage door, click here to set up an appointment.